PLIDA exams 2021

The Venice Committee of the Società Dante Alighieri is a certification center for PLIDA (“Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri”, “Dante Alighieri Italian Language Project”), a diploma recognized at European level.

In addition to the opportunity to take the test at our school, we provide, on request, training programs, aimed at obtaining the certificate. For information and enrollment, please contact the school. Other useful information can be found at , which also contains the syllabus of the certification.


PLIDA exam dates:


Febrary 22: A2 permesso di soggiono.

February 24: A2

March 8: B1 cittadinanza

March 17 or 22: B1, inscription form within March 8

March 18: B2, inscription form within March 8

March 19: C1, inscription form within March 8

March 25: C2, inscription form within March 8

May 24: A2 permesso di soggiorno

May 26: A2

June 7: B1 cittadinanza

June 16: B1, B2, C1, C2

July 28: B1, B2

September 6: A2 permesso di soggiorno and B1 cittadinanza

November 22 and 23: A2 permesso di soggiorno and B1 cittadinanza. Inscription within November 13

Dicember 1: A2, B1. Inscription within November 20

Dicember 2: B2, C1, C2. Inscription within November 20


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